Saturday, October 14, 2017

Massflow, SF, Konica

New cam, Konica Big Mini 201. A glorified point and shoot.

I was reflecting on old pics from freshman year of college, when Carlos and I (and sometimes Chris) shared a simple Olympus point and shoot camera w flash. We took it everywhere - to the beach, parties, trips, dorms... and because it was so easy to use and compact we had shots of everything going on in our lives. We eventually lost the cam at a party, and after that I have mostly been using an slr, no flash, not so discrete. I have been feeling that want for a cam that I can take everywhere.

I like the work of a young photographer, Nico Young, who was photographing life in high school at Santa Monica High ( His work was picked up by the NY Times and published in their magazine. He has great close ups of interesting characters and faces, all candid. Theres no way to get that with a bulky slr. I looked him up a bit more and saw one of his cameras was this Konica BigMini. I mainly got this cam bc it can focus down to 30 cm, damn close! Good for candids and close-ups and portraits. Small enough to slide into my back pocket and go to parties with.

Hence, the perfect break out event for this cam, a Massflow party in SF at Club OMG. All the friends were there. The cam performed...

The high school crew - Nick, Sari, and I

lol this is great


Other Konica SF

Other Konica pics (e.g. not at party)...

Carlos and Floyd in SF

Saturday afternoon in Dolores

Floyd the flutist

Moroccan Homies


North Beach

Kenj checking the urban surf



A few Other velvia pics...

The Great White Hut, Glendale, CA


Sunset in Silverlake

Went for a walk from the house on Waverly down in Silverlake. Minolta SLR with Velvia color positive film and a Minolta MC ROKKOR 58 mm lens, F 1.2. The apeture ring is ruined bc as the story goes, my mom was a v naughty kid and dropped my grandpa's camera years ago...damaged the lens as a result. Still a beautiful piece of glass, but it just has to be used at at F 1.2, so its pretty much just limited to low light and night photography. The lens gives a beautiful rounded bokeh, lovely..

just trying to capture that late afternoon glow...


Minox 35 GT

Armun at Sunset Beer

Em, sunset in Silverlake


The Waisman, hours before departure to London


Glendale Blvd.